September 2019 – Lakeside Lodge

The penultimate round of this season’s Follies Championship saw 11 hopefuls appear in deepest, darkest Cambridgeshire on another lovely warm summer afternoon that Les is so skilled at choosing. Sadly, Les was unable to play today having injured his arm/elbow carrying the luggage on his recent trip abroad (presumably his usual man-servant didn’t turn up).

Roy nearly missed his bacon bap as he arrived very late having covered most of Cambridgeshire and was finally put on track by a farmer and his wife who advised he had about 10 miles to go – he’d already done about 30 by this stage!

With half the field still in contention for the Championship, a hushed, expectant silence descended over the group as the first 3-ball teed off. On a tight course with plenty of water, scores were very respectable though no-one managed to stay on the 5th green to capture the Nearest the Pin prize. Several were heard to lament about being six inches off the green – but the bottle goes back to the Follies Wine Cave.

Trevor lost 2 balls on the first hole, I think both from the tee, but things did improve.

In Les’ absence, Geoff D kindly stepped in as master of ceremonies and announced:

3rd – Graeme Phipps (35 points) losing on countback to
2nd – Steve Preston (35 points). He was second last month so some consistency creeping in there.
1st – Jon Kelly (38 points).

Report not by Richard Cheng – ask him!


2019 Shirtie still open….and rare photo of 2018 President’s Cup presentation!

Latest entry is a 3-in-one from DC – the full set of Follies shirts!























plus a hitherto unpublished photo of the 2018 President’s Cup presentation to the winner David Oliver



August 2019 – Greetham Valley

According to the Carol on the BBC Weather the hottest days for the last 3 months have fallen at the end of each month. We can testify to that fact after Tydd last month and then similar temperatures at Greetham. Trevor Chapman providing additional water for everyone at Tydd was a fantastic gesture and it was a shame he did not play today as many of us wilted in the heat and the hilly terrain. Only 3 players beat their front nine points total, Les with 2 points and David W with 7 points suffering more than some.

It’s always nice to wrap up a prize early in the season. Andrew Bramwell hitting a magnificent 11 out of the Bunker to secure top spot for Bunker Flunker, perhaps it can still be challenged?

Nearest the Pin was on hole 18, David Carter firing the first attempt to within 15 feet then finishing the Putt with a fist pump as well. Man of the moment Richard Cheng stepped up in the last group to arrow a shot to within 8 feet to take the bottle prize, but missed the subsequent birdie putt. That putt did not matter to the final result as Richard won the day with 35 points and now leads the Fritz Follies Trophy with just 2 outings to go. Could it be his year although many could still make a challenge. Steve Preston was 2nd on  32 points ahead of David Oliver on count back by virtue of four points on the 18th.

On we go to the next outing at Lakeside Lodge on Friday 20th September, can the heatwave last……

July 2019 -Tydd St Giles

Some of us don’t go as far as Tydd St Giles on our holidays but, it was generally agreed on this occasion, that the trip was well justified. Beginning with a very nice ‘small’ full english, followed by a very well maintained course with manicured fairways and lightening fast greens all finished off with a Steak and Kidney pie and chips. A great day out!

We lost a couple of members due to the expected heat (David Carter advised he was “too hot to handle”) – in fact,buggies had been requested but some rascal in the Fens had stolen all the club’s batteries so it was just the 11 of us who gathered for the fifth outing of the 2019 campaign.








Jon Kelly had to contend with a collapsing trolley for the first few holes. In fairness to Sports Direct, they had sold it as a golf trolley but he was using it as a mobile water reservoir. Once he’d drunk about three pints and rebalanced, all was well.

Graham Wilson was also struggling, never more so than on the par 3 140 yard 4th where his tee shot hit a ladies teeblock and flew back past him leaving him 155 yards to go with his second shot.

A long standing Follies record is held by the late Pete ‘Lou’ Dowdell who recorded a score of 6 points at Luffenham Heath many years ago. It was threatened by two players today – Graham W was on 6 points after the front nine but recovered, and Trevor was on 5 points with 4 holes to play but squeezed out another 2 points to get to a total of 7!

I’m not sure of the Follies record score for Bunker Flunker nor this year’s contenders but Geoff D gave up after 4 attempts so not sure how the BF committee will handle that!

Results:  (nb we don’t dish out any old ball these days but Fritz Follies Golf Society inscribed ones)











Nearest the Pin: Dave Ballard. Geoff D was nearer the pin but off the green. To his credit he did make the birdie.

1st: Dave Ballard (35 points) but as you can only win one prize, the winner is Les Wells (32pts)
2nd: John Dexter (31pts)
3rd: Geoff Delaney (30pts)

Elton President’s Cup 21st June 2019

16 keen golfers competed at Elton and Chris Munro came to see us off.

Richard Cheng unusually arrived in good time but complained as he waited to start that he could have spent another half hour at his office.

Les had once again arranged for ideal weather for golf with warm broken sunshine and little wind. The course was in an excellent condition following the recent rains.

Colin Keal took a good tee shot on the 6th hole but was unable to find his ball. He was very reluctant to return to the tee to take a second tee shot. Likewise Andrew Bramwell had to be persuaded to return to the 16th tee when he could not find his ball only to put his second tee shot on the edge of the green.

Brian Bates thought he was bunker flunker of the day when he took 4 shots to get out of the sand on the 6th but Roy Fletcher bettered this with 6 shots on the 11th finally landing the ball next to the flag for an easy putt.

Chris Munro had kindly donated a fine bottle for the longest drive and this was won on the 18th with an excellent tee shot by Andrew Bramwell.

Nearest the pin was won by Martin Zebedee and after receiving his prize he presented Geoff Delany with a miniature bottle because he had been so upset at the last meeting when he thought he was nearest the pin but was on the wrong hole.

Dave Ballard, on only his second outing with us, covered himself in glory winning the President’s Cup with a net 66.8 score and 40 points in the monthly competition. As only one prize can go to a player Colin Keal was awarded First Prize with 35 points, Richard Cheng was second with 32 points and Graeme Wilson, on his Follies debut,  was third with 30 points.

The next meeting will be at Tydd St Giles on Wednesday 24th July.

Words and photos by CH (Ed: a jolly good job too!)

May 2019 – Ramsay Golf Club

Well Folliites can you guess where we went? Here are a few clues – the sky was sunny with a dark cloud looming, the tees were not cut, the fairway and greens were slow – however this year unlike last you could find your ball on the “fairway”. Need any more clues – well last year it flooded three days before we arrived they did not tell us, but still charged us full price. Yes, you got it we were at Ramsey Golf club in Huntingdonshire – not as had been previously booked many years ago Ramsey on the Isle of Wight!! Although given that story I think it could have been a deliberate “Lawyer’s trick, in the hope of coming first whilst everyone else went to a different course.  Hey, that’s seems familiar Trevor – but at least you did make it to the game (score was rubbish though). I doubt, like at least one other Folliitie, if the writer will bother with Ramsey again.

Talking of Trevor he started off with 9 points from the first three holes going on to 17 points after nine holes with two blobs. The second half he doubled his back nine score with 2 points on the 17th. Not so much piston-broke, but the back axle came off as well.

Dave Ballard is making a break for Bunker Flunker with 5 shots, whilst poor John Wakefield had his ball stolen on the 14th after a magnificent drive. One of the children did eventually return it, but to another member of the group as they accused him of being a “miserable git” – Welcome to Ramsey again.

Colin Keal has a new nickname “the second coming”, as if his second Tee shot was his first he would have had a great score. Graeme Phipps suffered three holes with double vision but nobly carried on – unfortunately for him he was not allowed two scores for those three holes. Fortunately, he did make a good recovery.

Now we all know that when it comes to the “nearest the pin” that Geoff Delany is fiercely competitive, well he was totally outdone by Martin Zebedee who chose the relevant hole – quote ” the short one with the river going across it the 11th”. Well the short one with the river going across it is actually the 13th, so Geoff’s appearance on the 13th green was to no avail as Les claimed the prize on the hole quoted – the 11th! Well done Les.

However, the shot of the day came from Andrew Bramwell who shall now be known as “Bouncing Bridge Bramwell” for landing his tee shot on the 18th on the flat walking surface of the bridge bouncing into a very good position for the green. Unfortunately, due to the slowness of the greens his ball finished within half an inch of dropping (his fourth such putt to do this) so his missed the par, which cost him first place.

Making a rare appearance in the winner’s circle with 36 points was Martin Zebedee, with Graeme Phipps beating Andrew Bramwell to runner up on countback on the last six holes – both with 35 points. So very well done Martin. Can he make it a double appearance when we visit Elton Furze on the 21st June? Stay tuned for the next thrilling instalment.

The Shirtie is up and running

Remember to take your shirt with you on your travels!   If you don’t have a shirt, Les can fix it for you.

Early contenders are Les up the Nile without a paddle:















and Kevin in The Happiest Place On Earth:


April 2019 – Sleaford Golf Club

It only seemed like only five minutes since we were playing at Spalding in the spring sunshine and it looked like we were in luck again, however it is April and squally showers moved in by the time we had all teed off. A good turn out for a Wednesday with five 3 balls planned for a 1.30 start. Nearly everyone arrived in good time to take advantage of the excellent coffee and bacon/sausage rolls in the comfortable club house overlooking the 18th green. Last to arrive was Richard who had to eat his roll while waiting on the first tee and played in his work shirt. He was also the first to leave and rumour has it he went back to work, hence leaving his work shirt on, so much for a planned slowdown in preparation for retirement.

David West was looking a tad perplexed on the first tee and dashed back to the car only to return a few moments later explaining that he had some clubs missing but had realised that he put them into his club shop for re-gripping and had forgotten to go and pick them up. Despite the lack of clubs, he still put a good score together, though he was somewhat miffed when his shot into the 10th green wasn’t what he was expecting. He then realised that even though he had a reduced number of clubs in the bag he had managed to pull the wrong one out.

It is believed that Trevor Chapman is now leading the bunker flunker scoreboard with a three. He was also seen to have hit the lip of the 18th greenside bunker and the ball rebounded and hit the captain’s charity plaque. Looks like it saved him a £1 donation but probably didn’t help his score.

John Wakefield also had fun and games with obstacles when teeing off on the 12th, apparently managing to hit the yellow tee marker followed by the red tee marker, though he still manged to par the hole. John also managed to hit a good ball down the middle of the fairway with his ball left laying within the reach of the spray from a large mobile sprinkler. John took time to study the timing of the spray and nipped in to take his shot from where it laid. He did however take a divot and being a well-educated golfer, he retrieved it and replaced the divot by which time the sprinkler had revolved, and he got a wet shirt for his efforts, very commendable!!!    The sprinkler is just about visible here:








Geoff Delaney managed to get onto the 18th green with the help of a lucky rebound off of the club house wall, that must have been travelling a fair old pace.

Most people agreed that the course was suffering badly from a very mild winter and a lack of rain with the fairways looking very dry and patchy. One or two players had a lucky escape from what would have normally been water hazards as they too were bone dry. It was also felt that the greens were rather fluffy which I can only imagine was because the ground staff didn’t want to cut them close with the current water shortage. Having said that Richard Cheng, Martin Zebedee and myself managed to find a decent lie on the fairway followed by a good putt to gross birdie holes with two shots giving us 5 stapleford points apiece. I do hope the course makes a full recovery soon as it was such a shame to see it suffering so badly compared with previous years.

Roy Fletcher continued his winning ways, after watching David West judge the wind, height and distance to the 12th near perfectly to land on the green he followed suite and landed a lovely ball within two size nines of David’s ball to take nearest the pin. He was in good company, as you will see below as I took first place and David 3rd – I don’t know if there is a word for a winning trio at golf but we were certainly it.

The results:

1st Andrew Bramwell 37 pts

2nd Richard Cheng 36 pts (on countback)

3rd David West 36 pts (if only he had a full set of clubs)

Nearest the Pin Roy Fletcher

Looking forward to seeing some of you on the 1st May (Graham’s not 50th) and with the Follies at Ramsey on Monday 20th May.

Report by Andrew B.

Martin had a testing bunker challenge:











and Richard and Les kept their spirits up during a brief downpour:

March 2019 – Spalding Golf Club

Well Spring has sprung and so another year with the Follies begins starting this year with a very good deal at the previously ‘unFollied’ course of Spalding, which is set in mature parkland alongside the river Glen.The weather wasn’t bad for the end of March and the course looked in fine condition, with firm undulatingfairways and fast greens.
A good turnout of 17 members including the debut of Dave Ballard, he finally succumbed to John Dexter’s nagging to come and join us, hope he wasn’t put off and returns for more soon.

Notable mentions go to:-
Les – who it seems was in ‘battery saving mode’, having left his safely at home in the garage, so had to hire a trolley.
Colin Keal – also hired a trolley but it seems he was sold a ‘lemon’ as his left wheel insisted on making a bid for freedom every 100 yards, problem resolved by use of a good right foot!! I don’t know if it was down to all that kicking but on the 4th tee Colin decided to cool down by standing in the sprinkler hole and fill his shoe with water. Thankfully the trolley was replaced after the 9th  .… at least the wheels didn’t come off his round!!
Geoff Liscoe – decided to practise his ‘hedge pitching’ while waiting to start on the 1st, good shot!!
Dave Ballard – whose first shot with the Follies gets the award for the highest and shortest drive of the day.
Richard Cheng – Safety conscious he didn’t want to lose his range finder so left it locked in his car.
John Dexter – Going, twice, for a ‘birdie’ from the 2nd tee, shame it was the ducks in the river that were in danger. You could also hear the occasional sound of ‘ball on willow’… shame as it spoiled what could have been a good hole.

From the 2nd tee Dave West split the group in front, followed by Les and Colin Keal doing something similar on subsequent holes, fortunately all were left standing. Can it be put down to early season wayward shots or was it the lure of the steak and kidney pudding that prompted the last group of 4 to nudge those in front?

Roy Fletcher has done remarkably well after his hip replacement last November, but maybe should have had points deducted for playing the course the previous week … Practice!! but with this mentality he may be going for the big prize this year!

The results:-
1st   Roy Fletcher  39pts
2nd Colin Savage  35pts
3rd  John Dexter    34pts on countback, 14pts to 11pts on last six holes as front/back nine level with Colin Keal
Nearest pin won by Graeme Phipps approx.12 feet, closely followed by Les and Colin Savage who were within a foot of Graeme’s ball.

A good venue, friendly staff and good food, thanks Les.

Hopefully see you all on Wed 24th April at Sleaford.

Texas Scramble and 2018 Winner of the Follies Trophy!

Texas Scamble results:

4th Team 73.61 Wilson/Liscoe/Humphries

Bronze 68.32 West/Zebedee/Carter

Silver 67.12 Wells/Bates/Wakefield/Tooke

Gold 62.54 Phipps/Dexter/Bramwell (twice in a row for JD)

** 2018 Winner of the Follies Trophy is Les Wells. His first win this century and this completes his hat-trick (alongside 1993 and 1998).

** 2018 President’s Cup winner is David Oliver (net 64.8 on the day)

** 2018 Shirtie winners are Colin Keal and Jon Kelly for spreading the Follies gospel at the Ryder Cup.








See you all in March……Happy New Year.