Monthly Archives: November 2021


On a dull and gusty October day

17 golfers went out to play

Full of hopes and dreams of glory

But what would be the final story


Burghley the venue where all would be told

A season’s efforts about to unfold

With everyone quiet and not even a sound

Steve P hit his drives straight out of bounds

A 17 scored on the very first hole

Was certainly not Steve’s original goal


But the weather took hold

And shots went awry

Some out of bounds

And some in the sky


Oh for the days of golfing bliss

When drives were straight and putts not missed

But this was not to be the day

When all would witness perfect play


From tee to green the balls were hit

With some shouts of ‘fore’ and some shouts of ‘s..t’

David O’s trolley was left to roam free

And then found a bunker, Oh deary me!


But one, Richard Cheng, had an excellent game

With 36 pts being scored to his name

And Richard Parker was nearest the pin

And a bottle of plonk was his to win


But others didn’t fare so well

Some even thought their day was hell

But overall the day was fun

And once again, superbly run


So just one thing to now sort out

Was the Follies Trophy still in doubt

Before the start there were possibly six

But who would triumph from this talented mix

Would Les play well and make it two on the trot

Or would someone prevent him from taking the lot


Graeme Phipps seemed in no doubt

With Carter, Chapman, Ballard and Kelly there with a shout

A trophy at stake made the tension high

But one would be happy, five would just sigh


We all had to wait until the dinner

To hear the results and know the winner

Les was the season’s runner-up

But Graeme won the Follies Cup       


Our thoughts can now turn to next year’s jollies

But first, Happy Christmas to all you Follies