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April 2012 Outing

The 2012 schedule continues on Wednesday 25th April at Rutland County with tee times from 1.30 pm

Cost and details to follow shortly

Full directions on the right….


2012 kicked off with a return to Wellingborough Golf club.

A lovely, bright, warm, sunny week gave way to a dull overcast Friday as ten of our finest made their way west.   After a little trouble finding my way into the building – doorknobs on front doors can confuse the best of us – we gathered in the bar. Or rather 3 of us gathered in one bar with another 6 gathered in the other bar.  We finally met up and once Kevin had mastered his satnav and found the course, we were ready to get the season underway.

Undeterred by the weather, with several in shorts and suntan lotion in our bags, 2 three-balls and a four-ball teed off.

Omar did good, Les did not so good (bunkers, out of bounds, pond & ditch – and that was just the front nine) – with the rest of us somewhere in between.

Peter Harris had some fierce competition for “Nearest the Pin” on the 11th but came through.

Member name


Omar Vawda


Robin Watts


Kevin Hingle


David Carter


Peter Harris


David West


Andrew Bramwell


Jon Kelly


Geoff Delany


Leslie Wells


No info was forthcoming about the bunker flunker award.  Did everyone really get out of every bunker first time? Confessions welcomed and informers are encouraged!