Foreword by our President

When I first thought about playing golf, I didn’t know what I was letting myself in for. Just four work friends having the occasional great day out at various golf courses around the London area. Little did I know what that would lead to.

From the initial outing on 08 Feb 1977, where four of us tackled the unknown depths of Whitewebbs Golf Course, there has been no turning back. Within a year our number had trebled. Over the years the society went from strength to strength, formalising some of the competitions and the format of the day and introduced an annual supper and prize giving.

What was our secret? Our objective was to enjoy the day, have a little competition between ourselves, not take the golf too seriously and concentrate on the social side. This format has prevailed since the society began.

Today, we have over 50 members, most of whom play during the year and all of whom appreciate our form of entertainment.


From those humble beginnings, the society began to form. Slowly at first but as the number of people playing began to grow and the fixture list expanded, some form of control was needed just to organise and communicate the proceedings. As the membership grew over the years, the outings became more formal. Usually two rounds were played with the highest morning round stableford score winning the day. Competitions were introduced to add a greater level of competitive play and to set something to strive for. Annual singles and doubles knockout competitions were set up with most members taking part and the winners receiving a trophy of some kind or another.

What was needed was a competition that was awarded for consistency throughout the year. And so The Follies Trophy was born. It was acknowledged that not everyone would be able to play every outing (work sometimes got in the way!), so this trophy is awarded to the member with the highest total stableford points for the best four morning rounds throughout the year. This remains the premier competition in the society’s calendar and is the one everyone wants their name on.

In 1988, the company where most of the members worked, moved out of London and some of the members moved with it. One section remained in London, playing courses all around London and the surrounding area and the other section was set up in Peterborough, the new company location. This presented new challenges for those members to find suitable courses and arrange to play as a society. With these changes and the fact that both sections continued to grow and welcome new members, formal committees were set up to run the sections with regular committee meetings. Handicap adjustment, the bain of all golfers, was changed to work on the standard “Golf Club” adjustment method, making it consistent across both sections.

Both the London and Peterborough sections have their own fixture calendars but two of the meetings are common to both sections. The outing in May is always played at a London course and is the date when all those present play for the President’s Cup. This Cup is awarded to the member with the highest total stableford score for the morning round on the day. The November meeting takes place at a course in Peterborough and is the final round of the year. The day concludes with the annual supper and prize giving. Both outings are well attended by the home section and a large number of the other section’s members make the trip North or South.

After this last outing, the annual supper is held to acknowledge the prize winners, present them with their prizes and enjoy a good social evening with food and drink in plentiful supply.

We would be pleased to welcome any enquiries about membership or the society in general, please contact us at jonkelly411@hotmail.com

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