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September 2020 Stoke Rochford

Well, despite the latest restrictions, we had a good turnout of 14 of the 16 original members. Unfortunately, one decided he had a better offer and was playing elsewhere, whilst the other (allegedly) succumbed to pressure from the wife.

Unfortunately, I think someone has broken the good weather wand that Les uses. We have gone from stunningly hot, to temperate to very wet. Please Les can you get it fixed before the next round. I know there were a few minutes of sunshine, but I am getting old and prefer to play when it’s not raining hard.

Anyway, the course was in very good condition with some stunning views – when it wasn’t raining hard. The rough was very rough in quite a few places, but did not appear to disturb most players. Although special mention must go to Andrew Bramwell who had 5 provisional balls, only to have Trevor Chapman find all the original drives. Shame he lost two of the provisional balls! On hole 12 Roy went for the green only to find he had aimed at a marker post for a different hole. He then went on to bounce one on the bridge on the 14th.

As scores went both Trevor and Roy Fletcher got the same number of points on each nine holes, albeit that as a result of having nine 7s on his card Trevor just edged Roy on total points. Trevor got nearest the pin on the 12th being only 4-5 foot away, although he missed the putt for a birdie. Andrew however, putted in from 20 foot plus for a birdie. Talking of great shots, Geoff Delaney chipped in from 50/60 yards on the 7th for a birdie – he did not see it go in – although it was not sufficient for him to find a place on the winner’s podium.

Dave scampers across a green as Geoff’s facemask seems to have slipped down.

David Carter also deserves a special mention for parring the last 3 holes – well done David (who shouted Cut?). Colin Humphries at one stage played Kevin Hingle’s ball. The funny thing being that Kev had not lost a ball all round and Colin whacked his ball into the deep rough and lost forever. Colin then proceeded to play his ball, in fairness he did penalise himself 2 strokes. Colin was also noted for his driving off the tee straight down the middle of most holes, even though he then proceeded to drive down the course in his buggy whilst Martin Zebedee was taking his shot.

As far as I can tell the final group of Colin Savage, John Dexter, David West and Brian Bates had a quiet round by comparison.

Dave says ‘pick a window’ and I’ll hit it.







I think it fair to say we all enjoyed the course and despite it being slightly more expensive would like to play it more regularly, preferably when the sun is shining.

Results – these differ from those announced at the time as retrospective checking added/removed a point here and there 🙂

3rd – Andrew Bramwell 33 on countback

2nd –  David West 34

1st – Les 34 on countback

Next outing is at Rutland County on Friday 23rd October – whether Geoff reverts to his Jag or sticks with his latest vehicle will be revealed.

Our thanks to Trevor for the report and to our resident snapper, Steve.