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The August Meet – Rutland Water

“Nothing ever happens at Rutland Water!”

Apart, that is, from  the fifth green being flooded, people playing the wrong ball and  the rain coming down in torrents.  Perhaps 2017 would be different – think again.

16 members gathered for the August Meet at what must surely be a candidate for “World’s Most Beautiful Golf Course”.

By common Follies consent, it’s also one of the hardest that we play.  We set off with huge storm clouds in the west advancing inexorably towards us. It went black, the thunder roared, a few hailstones fell, but no rain? – we even got sunshine – but I forget – the wind, it was howling incessantly.  Some members heard the course klaxon suspending play, others didn’t and carried on.  Everyone survived.

It was quite an eventful day with several incidents being reported:

It’s only August but Geoff Delany probably secured the 2017 “ Bunker Flunker”  with a magnificent score of 11.  Les, in particular, was relieved having carded an impressive 6 earlier in the season.  Previous winners have only managed 4 or 5 shots.

The 4th green caught a few out – with Les, then Terry, followed later by Martin putting straight off the green into the bunker.

On the nearest the pin par 3, Roy, Andrew and Jon hit trouble, losing balls but did eventually putt out.  They must have been a little slow leaving the green as the group behind teed off, shouted ‘Fore left’ and caught Roy on the side of the head.  Everyone survived.

Brian Bates’ trolley got over excited and, not being aware of the rules of  golf, proceeded to trundle all the way across a green, Brian was  totally oblivious until it reached the other side.  Fortunately no members saw it so we should be ok to go back again next year.

But best of all, Colin Savage in a buggy, ignored the bridge and managed to drive into and get completely stuck in a very muddy ditch.  He was bravely  assisted out of his predicament by Messrs West, Carter and Bates – whilst he sat in the driver’s seat working hard on the accelerator .  Brian B and David C ended this strenuous rescue very mud splattered whilst David W, by some miracle, was unscathed.  Funnily enough, Colin was the only one to score a point on the next hole, the others being too fatigued by their earlier exertions.   Everyone survived. Someone remarked to Colin in the clubhouse later that the buggies are not amphibious.

Onto the results: 3 intrepid souls managed to accumulate 32 points and take the first three places.  On count back David Carter was placed third, Colin Keal second, with debutant Terry Moon taking the top spot.  For once, it was Trevor Chapman who managed to get nearest the pin on the 12th, well done Trevor.  An 8 iron was the weapon of choice if anyone is interested.

Another good day out, well done to the winners, commiserations to the also-rans and a big thank you to Les and co for organising it.

Andrew and Roy visited most parts of the course today…..

Report by DC and friends