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July 2021 – Woolfox Golf & Country Club

Welcome to Woolfox Golf and Country Club on FREEDOM DAY.

We can now legally shake hands, are you sure you want to, all those sweaty palms ugh! I still draw the line at hugs and kisses.

Well Les has triumphed again – what a beautiful day. Quite warm but not TOFT warm.

The course was unusual. The rough was not vertical it was horizontal but we still lost balls in the hay. We were not disturbed by green keepers but by a haymaking tractor.

There were 16 starters to brave the heat but surprisingly only two buggies out.

It was lovely to see Richard Parker back again. His last Follies outing was on 27th September 2013, almost 8 years ago, at Rutland County when he won with 39 points.

There were some snippets about what went on from whistleblowers but, at the presentation, one whistleblower, who was about to come clean, was shushed – I wonder what the secret was?

Here are some of the snippets.

Two of the Davids in the final group managed to tee off on the first with identical balls. Very careful scrutiny of the balls followed, both being keen not to repeat their mishap at Sleaford .

A very low handicapper who had blasted his ball through a par 3 green was heard to remark “I didn’t realise the green was so big” not big enough eh Richard (Ooops that was a secret).

Next a quote “I have to wear a non Follies shirt to stand out – every other person seems to be called David.”

Another quite low handicapper (in a group with three David’s) got to the tee looking perplexed, something was missing, ah ah he said I need a ball (it’s an easy game without one).

Lastly, Jon Kelly was so pleased to see rakes back in the bunkers he decided to socialise with them several times. Bunker Flunker nominee?

In the last group we had some tense moments.

The first was nearest the pin. David Carter was on the green (wonderful shot) but there was already a marker there, at roughly the same distance. David Ballard carefully measured each one. The tension whilst he was measuring was difficult to bear; it took him so long to be certain. Finally the result David Carter was nearer by 1 foot. Not an imperial foot a “David Ballard” foot.

Bad luck Roy.

On the 16th green all four of us were on the green (or near enough), all with really difficult putts. What happened, in putting order:

Graeme T holed out (one putt)

David C holed out (one putt)

David O holed out (one putt)

The pressure on David B was now so intense it resulted in him missing an awkward putt. Bad luck David.

But wait, who was it on the 18th green in 2 and putting for a birdie yes it was that man again David Ballard. His second shot was wonder to behold. Unfortunately he didn’t make the birdie.

So to the prizes for the day:

Nearest the pin on Hole 4: David Carter – well done David, nearest the pin and 37 points (only one prize allowed).

Nearest the pin on Hole 17: Gabe Stokes – well done Gabe, nearest the pin and 37 points ,debutant bottle prize winner (only one prize allowed).

First place: David Ballard with 40 points.

Second place: Graeme Phipps with 39 points.

Third place: Jon Kelly with 37 points.

Congratulations to all the prize winners hopefully see all of you in August.

So ended another Follies outing as enjoyable as ever.

Next Meeting Friday 27th August at Thorney Lakes.

It’s a hard life
What’s the collective noun for more than one David?