The monthly outing will consist of one round. The monthly outing scores, Follies Trophy scores and the President’s Cup scores will be based on the stableford score of the round specified in the fixtures page only. The Trophy will be the total stableford scores of the best three rounds over the season.
 All golf is played in accordance with the rules of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club.
 The society will charge an annual membership fee which will be used to pre-pay deposits, pay for prizes and subsidise the cost of the annual supper. The fee will be revised from time to time as considered necessary by the committee. The fee for the Peterborough Section for 2010 is £10.
 Guests are actively encouraged to join in the monthly outings. Non-members will be charged an additional fee on top of the cost of the day in lieu of the annual fee. This additional fee is £2 for 2010. Any additional fees paid during the year will be offset against the annual membership fee, if paid at a later date.
 Peterborough section membership fees paid will be held in a separate account in the name of Fritz Follies Golf Society and will be the responsibility of the treasurer.
 Members may attend the outings of any section. However, only scores returned at outings for their home section will count towards the annual Follies Trophy. The home section can be elected by the member at the beginning of the year.
 Scoring for prizes and trophies is based on the standard stableford calculation.
 Monthly outing prizes will be 3 balls for the winner, 2 balls for second and 1 ball for third place. A bottle prize will be awared for nearest the pin on the pre-specified hole. Other prizes can be donated by members.
 Only one prize can be won by any member at one outing. Choice of prize to be at the member’s discretion.
 The winner of the day will have an automatic minimum one stroke reduction in handicap.
 The winners of the annual Follies Trophy, singles and doubles tournaments will have an automatic one stroke reduction in handicap. In the event that a member wins more than one competition in one year, only one stroke reduction will be made.
 Except for the two previous rules, handicaps will be adjusted in accordance with the standard golf club calculation.
 A Member’s handicap will be the lower of the calculated FFGS handicap or current club handicap.
 A member’s handicap can be lower than their club handicap, but not higher. Members are expected to advise the handicap secretary of any change to their club handicap.
 Standards of dress will be observed in accordance with the requirements of the club at which we are playing.
 In order to ensure booking a place on any monthly outing, it is necessary to advise the secretary at least eight days in advance.
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