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The September Meet – Rutland Water

This match report is brought to you courtesy of the Krakow Tourist Board – highly recommended for your next City break.

Imagine for a moment, the year is 1983 and Liscoe, Wells and Kelly are spraying balls from the middle of a field direct to their intended target, landing each ball on a sixpence.  Well it didn’t happen on a football pitch back then and it’s not happening 30 years later on a golf course either.  These 3 together with another 9 Folllies turned up at Rutland Water on a lovely, warm, late summer day.

After his two summer vacations including a trip to Krakow – highly recommended for your next City break – Jon Kelly thought his holidays were over for the year but he spent a good part of the afternoon in sand as he found himself in bunker after bunker.  Despite getting out of several first time, he eventually succumbed and after getting out of one bunker first time only to go straight into another, he took a further 3 to get out.  Whether that counts as 4 to tie with Ben Miles for ‘Bunker Flunker’ has gone to the committee for a decision.

On the par 4 third, John Wakefield lost his ball and had to play his third from the tee.  That didn’t stop him getting a par with a great drive and a measured chip from off the green.

Les advised that we set a new record today by sending out a three-ball with a combined age of 221 years.  Inspirational.


third on countback was Colin Savage with 33 points

second was Geoff Delaney with 33

and the Rutland Water Fritz Follies Champion is Richard Parker with 39.

Richard’s win gives him 76 points from his two outings this year. From his home in Bedford to the last round that matters in Sleaford is a mere 75 miles so a return drive of 150 miles plus a good round could land him the trophy.

Final stop – Sleaford Golf Club on Monday 14th October……full directions are on the right…

Oh and by the way, did I mention I’d been to Krakow this summer – highly recommended for your next City break.