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The May Meet – Stapleford Park

With the Fritz Follies Ramsey outing very fresh in the minds, an unexpected trip to Stapleford Park followed a week later to join Graeme Phipps in his annual birthday celebration team competition. This annual get together apparently is related to Graeme recently reaching the same age as the Follies!

With an impressive total turnout of 20, not only had the Follies an opportunity of winning a few golf balls (and a bottle of Les’s Xmas port) the lucky few also had the chance of get their name on a solid silver ‘Open’ like jug, which could be kept for a year…whoopee they cried!

With the confusion of running two competitions with different handicaps, confusion initially reigned in the clubhouse, so it was very apt that a bookkeeper and solicitor were on hand for dealing with the expected confusion and disputes that duly arose later.

With a few of the Follies mixed in with Graeme’s friends, a sunny and warm day greeted the starters, albeit with a very strong wind later being encountered to make this a difficult day on some of the longer holes.

A few tales to tell with the best being Colin Humphries who apparently managed to chip his ball into his own golf bag!  Not sure on the rules for that one, but apparently it was played from the point of rest…..

With a hand picked team that didn’t deliver, birthday boy also came a cropper by going out of bounds three times, thus ruining his chance of glory in both competitions.  Les will not be joining him next year.

A non folly also took the prize for the most bunker shots ever despite lessons from Les.

With the score cards checked, double checked, corrected and further amended the final results were announced with the Follies team of Andrew Bramwell, Trevor Chapman, John Wakefield and Colin Humphries winning the birthday jug.

Follies winners were:

Trevor Chapman with 35 points followed by Roy Fletcher and …….

Nearest the pin was won by Andrew Bramwell

Trevor is clearly making an early get away to lead this celebratory year.


Les was particularly galled that his well deserved reputation for arranging good weather for our matches suffered so miserably on this occasion. Indeed, he was so “galled”, that he has booked an operation to remove his gall bladder on the 6th May.

There were 19 players on the starting list including the prospect of début appearances by Terry Moon and Steve Preston. However, Terry withdrew due to Labyrinthitis which apparently afflicts those who worked in the Ordinary Branch Department of Pearl. This impression was given because Brian Bates, who had worked in that Department, was asked about the condition on the basis members of that Department were necessarily familiar with it.

After play began, the weather deteriorated with squally heavy showers and hail which resulted in the greens turning white!

Despite the tough playing conditions, Colin Keal and Graeme Tooke both achieved a creditable top score of 34 points with Colin taking first place on count back. Third place went to Brian Bates (32 points) as Andrew Bramwell declined the offer of a golf ball in favour of a bottle of whisky for winning the nearest the pin.

No players reported any particular newsworthy matters other than Geoff Delany who made his bid for the 2017 Bunker Flunker Award by taking 5 shots to escape the greenside bunker on the 2nd hole.

David Oliver merits special mention for his good scoring. Unfortunately, this was as Brian Bates card marker rather than his own golfing prowess. Brian achieved a net hole in one on the 5th which impressed David so much that he added a bonus point giving 5points in total. Any suggestion of foul play was refuted notwithstanding money was seen being exchanged between them in the Clubhouse afterwards.

We now look forward to the hospitality of Graeme Phipps at Stapleford Park on the 5th May. A ballot will take place as to who will partner David Oliver due to his improved popularity as a scorer!