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The May Meet – Ramsey

Shock! Horror! Follies day begins in the rain. We’re so used to Les sorting everything including the weather that it’s a bit unsettling to turn up with the windscreen wipers on full and having to shuffle quickly from car to clubhouse.

Some found it difficult to get into the door of the bar as there seemed to be a code needed but no keypad visible. Could a recently thriving business have hit hard times? CK’s ears pricked up.  Eventually a member turned up and his key fob opened the door and we were in.

Bacon Baps (with some brown sauce) seemed to be the order of the day and suitably fuelled, we headed out into the rain.

A drop of water aside, 11 Follies turned up eager to take whatever Ramsey Golf and Bowls Club could throw at us as we chased the 2016 Champion Golfer prize and all that is associated with it.

CK struggled on the tee. No, I mean really struggled – his contact lenses were playing up, his tee peg was going into the ground at an angle and he couldn’t get the ball to stay on the tee long enough to hit it.  After some adjustment, the struggle was over – and he hit some lovely drives dead straight and a long, long way.

The rain stopped after an hour or so and the rest of the afternoon was very nice. JK learned that gimmes have to be counted when marking your score and TC’s ability to find a ball was astounding his partners – could there be a bit of retriever in his DNA?

As quick as the second group played, the third group seemed to spend a long time waiting on the tee / halfway up the fairway:







It’s been noticed that when Graeme Phipps does well, he leaves early (presumably to rush home and tell the family) and this was another such occasion. Despite only scoring 10 points on the front nine using his driver, he changed to his hybrid and scored an impressive 26 on the back.  On two par 3s, he missed the green but chipped in both times!

Graham T also scored 36 points but lost on countback – you get nothing for a consistent 18 points out and in.

3rd was CK on 35 points with at least 4 putts sliding past by no more than an inch.

John Wakefield took the Nearest The Pin prize.


Report by JK