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The May Meet – Rutland Water

The caravans, the tractors and the sun came out to greet us at Rutland Water and yes, so did Richard Cheng – probably his first outing since the Sleaford “fish and chips” days of five or so years ago. Good to see you again on the Follies. A good gathering of 12 considering we had several regulars turning out for the Elton Seniors today as well.

Trevor Chapman likes a good adventure and on the first half he hit nearly every fairway, unfortunately not in the correct order but who cares as he carded a respectable 17 points on the nine holes.

The wind was playing a part, sweeping balls into the difficult rough and causing a lot of ball searching amongst us all. The greens were quick, undulating and as challenging as ever.

Colin Savage’s group saw another TWAMOIO – trolley with a mind of its own – incident as Brian chased after his wayward motorised trolley which was heading for the green. However young Brian sped off and took control of the offending vehicle.

Peter Harris played the 14th stroke index 1 like a professional. He began with a good drive into the edge of the left hand rough left about 200 yards to the pin. After some discussion with Colin, (unpaid and under-appreciated advisor and coach), he hit an absolute cracker over the ditch that crosses the fairway, the ball took a bounce and landed in the greenside bunker. Mr Harris did use a naughty word but Colin’s coaching kept him calm as he said to Peter that is probably a good place to be as all obstacles were gone apart from getting out of the sand trap. Peter climbed fearlessly into the bunker, took a stance, played out in a cloud of sand and the group watched as Peter’s ball landed on the green and made its way nearer and nearer towards the hole and dropped into the cup – a birdie on stroke index one! It was a pleasure to witness such a feat, well done Peter.

Nearest the Pin hole was the tricky 12th, 130 yards into the wind with the green protected by a pond at the front. Trevor Chapman hit a fine shot to around 20 feet and was followed by Geoff Liscoe with approximately the same distance. It took a couple of pacings and finally the use of the flag pole as a measure to separate the two – Trevor the victor by a few inches.

Final placings were in reverse order: Peter Harris (29), Roy Fletcher (32) and Trevor the winner (36)

See you all next time for the President’s Cup at Elton Furze on Monday June 16th.

The April Meet – Burghley Park

Friday 25th April was the second outing of the year and 10 members took part despite rain which was forecast but thankfully arrived with only a few holes to play.
When the first group teed off. Colin Humphries proved that a golf club can remove a metre of turf.
On the 5th hole Brian sank a 5 metre putt then on the next hole the same thing but this time a 6 metre putt, this was longer than his drive.
Geoff Delaney failed to play out of a bunker on the 14th 4, yes 4 times. I bet Brian could have putted out of it.
Colin Savage hit the same tree 3 times when playing the last hole but carried on to the end, what a hero.
We sat in a group in the bar and someone asked about the ownership of a jacket on the floor, no response from anyone.
Ham, egg and chips was consumed in record time and we left only for Brian the master putter to realise that the jacket was in fact his over trousers.
The event was won by John Wakefield and Colin H, who re-turfed the first tee, took the nearest the pin prize on the 3rd hole. A lovely course was enjoyed by all.