Past Winners


Roll of Honour
Year Follies   Trophy President’s Cup Annual Supper
    Texas Scramble
2018 Les Wells David Oliver Graeme Phipps, Andrew Bramwell and John Dexter
2017 Trevor Chapman David West Colin Keal, David Oliver, Colin Humphries and John Dexter
2016 Geoff Delany Geoff Delany Geoff Delany, Colin Humphries, Martin Zebedee and John Wakefield
2015 Robin Watts Les Wells David West, Graeme Phipps, John Wakefield & Brian Bates
2014 Colin Humphries Colin Savage Colin Keal, Colin Humphries, Geoff Liscoe & John Wakefield
2013 Geoff   Delaney David   West Les Wells, Richard Parker, Jon   Kelly & Ian Bloomfield
2012 David   West Kevin   Hingle No   competition No   competition
2011 Omar   Vawda Colin Keal No competition No competition
Peter Harris
2010 Peter   Harris Peter   Harris No   competition No   competition
2009 David   West Richard   Parker No   competition No   competition
2008 Jon   Kelly Colin   Keal & Robin Watts No   competition No   competition
2007 Kevin   Hingle George   Perry No   competition No   competition
2006 Richard   Parker Steve   Bloomfield No   competition No   competition
Terry   Lee & Geoff Phillips Singles Doubles
2004 Mark   Steward Peter   Watson Colin   Savage Cresswell/Zebedee
2003 David   Oliver George   Perry Mike Lewis Savage/Carter
Richard Parker Dave   West
Dave West
2002 Dave   West Les   Wells Colin   Savage Savage/Delaney
2001 Richard   Parker Bob   Lucas Paul   Flanders Flanders/Parker
2000 James   Lucas Bob   Lucas Peter   Harris Parker/West
1999 Geoff   Phillips Geoff   Phillips Colin   Savage
1998 Les   Wells Les   Wells Richard   Elmer Elmer/Wells
1997 Geoff   Phillips Geoff   Phillips Peter   Harris Kirkman/Zebedee
1996 Geoff   Phillips Ted   Creek Jim   McDermid Wells/Anderson
1995 Graham   Goucher P Mould Paul Warren Roche/Warren
Peter Watson
1994 Graham   Goucher P   Mould Graham   Goucher Carrington/Tate
1993 Les   Wells Peter   Harris Wells/Carrington
1992 Albert   Kirkman Paul   Warren Warren/Flanders
1991 Graham   Goucher Paul   Warren Goucher/Elmer
1990 Richard   Day Norman Gray Bloomfield/Bates
John Brophy
1989 Bernie   Fritz Dave   Martin Bloomfield/Zebedee
1988 Albert   Kirkman Tony   Faller Nagle/Taylor
1987 Ken   Broomfield Albert   Kirkman South/Faller
1986 Alan   South Albert   Kirkman Denny/Bantick
1985 Albert   Kirkman Brain Bates
Jim Browning
1984 Peter   Watson Ted   Creek
1983 Tony   Faller Les Wells
Graeme Denny
1982 Brian   Bates
1981 Alan   South
1980 Tony   Blackley
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