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May 2019 – Ramsay Golf Club

Well Folliites can you guess where we went? Here are a few clues – the sky was sunny with a dark cloud looming, the tees were not cut, the fairway and greens were slow – however this year unlike last you could find your ball on the “fairway”. Need any more clues – well last year it flooded three days before we arrived they did not tell us, but still charged us full price. Yes, you got it we were at Ramsey Golf club in Huntingdonshire – not as had been previously booked many years ago Ramsey on the Isle of Wight!! Although given that story I think it could have been a deliberate “Lawyer’s trick, in the hope of coming first whilst everyone else went to a different course.  Hey, that’s seems familiar Trevor – but at least you did make it to the game (score was rubbish though). I doubt, like at least one other Folliitie, if the writer will bother with Ramsey again.

Talking of Trevor he started off with 9 points from the first three holes going on to 17 points after nine holes with two blobs. The second half he doubled his back nine score with 2 points on the 17th. Not so much piston-broke, but the back axle came off as well.

Dave Ballard is making a break for Bunker Flunker with 5 shots, whilst poor John Wakefield had his ball stolen on the 14th after a magnificent drive. One of the children did eventually return it, but to another member of the group as they accused him of being a “miserable git” – Welcome to Ramsey again.

Colin Keal has a new nickname “the second coming”, as if his second Tee shot was his first he would have had a great score. Graeme Phipps suffered three holes with double vision but nobly carried on – unfortunately for him he was not allowed two scores for those three holes. Fortunately, he did make a good recovery.

Now we all know that when it comes to the “nearest the pin” that Geoff Delany is fiercely competitive, well he was totally outdone by Martin Zebedee who chose the relevant hole – quote ” the short one with the river going across it the 11th”. Well the short one with the river going across it is actually the 13th, so Geoff’s appearance on the 13th green was to no avail as Les claimed the prize on the hole quoted – the 11th! Well done Les.

However, the shot of the day came from Andrew Bramwell who shall now be known as “Bouncing Bridge Bramwell” for landing his tee shot on the 18th on the flat walking surface of the bridge bouncing into a very good position for the green. Unfortunately, due to the slowness of the greens his ball finished within half an inch of dropping (his fourth such putt to do this) so his missed the par, which cost him first place.

Making a rare appearance in the winner’s circle with 36 points was Martin Zebedee, with Graeme Phipps beating Andrew Bramwell to runner up on countback on the last six holes – both with 35 points. So very well done Martin. Can he make it a double appearance when we visit Elton Furze on the 21st June? Stay tuned for the next thrilling instalment.

The Shirtie is up and running

Remember to take your shirt with you on your travels!   If you don’t have a shirt, Les can fix it for you.

Early contenders are Les up the Nile without a paddle:















and Kevin in The Happiest Place On Earth: