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April Rutland Water – The circus comes to town

What strange memories we have, Rutland Water always seems to conjure up visions of flooded greens and being soaked to the skin. Not last year and not this.  Cool it may have been, windy it may have been but the weather was dry.

So was the course, some of the greens were so dry and sandy they wouldn’t have been out of place in the Sahara.

The golf.  It was never going to be a high scoring day, like Sleaford, and that was borne out with Martin Zebedee coming home the winner with a creditable 34 points, followed by John Wakefield with 32 points and David Carter in third place with 30 points on count back from Trevor Chapman.

Congratulations to Martin, John and David.

Nearest the pin on the 12th was won by Colin Humphries. Well done Colin.

But why “the circus comes to town”? That’s all down to the last four having rounds to be remembered.  Geoff Liscoe lost sight of his trolley as it went off for a drive on its own for all of 200 yards desperate to get to the next green.

David West employed the Barnes Wallis principle on the nearest the pin 12th, bouncing his ball off the water, on to the bank and then on to the green – tremendous fluke, I mean shot.

Colin K and David C had tried this principle on earlier holes but failed miserably – their balls went sub aqua (under water for those that don’t speak Latin).

There’s more. David C seemed to have lost his ball off the tee on the 11th but it miraculously reappeared further down the fairway being played by someone else. The sinner shall remain nameless but he was one of the last four. Ironically David C  was the sinner last year.

Thanks to all those who waited patiently for the fabulous four to finish and be regaled with their trials and tribulations.

2016 – The March Meet – Sleaford

Les picked an excellent day for the first outing of the season. He was a welcome sight on the course, and was easy to spot on the course in his bright red jumper. He was surprised to see most of us practising before teeing off.

Dave West went shopping with his wife in the morning, and met David Carter’s wife on her own. Is Dave West the helpful husband? Or was he only allowed to play golf if he helped with the shopping first?
In addition, Dave is obviously not interested in the Shirtie Photo competition as he left his in the locker room, until retrieved by a fellow Follie.

It was nice to see David Oliver back with us, and he made an early bid for bloomer of the year when on the 6th tee he hit a magnificent drive over the 7th tee. He had asked where the green was and this was pointed out to him as the group in front was on the green, however the first group was also on the 7th green, so he had aimed for them.

Les however made a better bid for bloomer of the year when announcing the results, gave third place to Gabe 37 points and presented him with a ball. He then gave 2nd place to Geoff Delaney 39 points. (Everyone knew Graeme Phipps had won on 41 points, as he had to leave early), Geoff then asked about Trevor who had 40 points. Les went as bright red as his jumper, checked the cards, and took Gabe’s ball back.

Therefore the correct results are:-
1st Graeme Phipps 41
2nd Trevor Chapman 40
3rd Geoff Delaney 39

Nearest The Pin Kevin Hingle
Report by MZ