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September 2021 – Controversy raises its ugly head at the Melton fixture.

“That’s no rabbit hole” was not the topic of discussion on this occasion. A much more serious issue had to be debated in the clubhouse and following lengthy conversation, Dave Carter was indeed found to be correct in his understanding of the situation; the shortbread biscuits on sale in the clubhouse were indeed made including chocolate chips and not sultanas! As it happened all things sweet was very much on the agenda and some even said that the real winner at this course was the Lemon and Raspberry cake! Special thanks go the girls in the clubhouse for making so many people happy with their culinary skills.

Strangely golf conversation did not seem to be the high on the agenda after Trevor trounced the opposition by scoring 40 points. In fact, Trevor won by a very healthy winning margin leading this very disappointed scribe to wonder when someone last won by 7 points? What was even stranger with this win, was that Trevor apparently teed off on the first with his wedge…stuff of legends eh? Well done Trevor and very well deserved and it was impressive that you celebrated in style by buying up all the remaining Lemon and Raspberry cake; I’ve never seen so many tupperware containers piled so high and what a lovely touch to see them topped off with a pack of three. ooh err missus

There were some excited winners of the nearest the pin. Graham Tooke was smiling like a Cheshire Cat when collecting his port (7th hole) and Les was smug that his lucky bunker bouncing shot beat the scribe’s tree hitting ‘bounce back’ on the 14th…humpf indeed, but at least the scribe did not have the shame of coming last at one of his home courses (Note: Thanks Geoff and for clarification this does not settle the outstanding debt of gratitude 😋) There were more disappointed “nearest the pin losers” and special commiserations to John “I am going to quit after 9 holes due to backache” Dexter, who carried on after excitedly getting his marker down on the 7th and Martin who was nearer than Graham Tooke but made the schoolboy error of playing the hole from the 8th tee (How did he still get a 6 I ask myself)

On a wider point Brian apparently has been in discussion with the R & A about speeding up play in Stableford competitions and apparently he was given dispensation at this fixture to try it out on the 2nd green. Kevin will be providing confirmation to the ruling body about the benefits to the game of Brian’s alternative approach of indicating a score that was not a score. For those who are now confused, I think it went something along the lines of “let’s call that an 8 shall we”; personally I still like to use the official marking method of entering a “BLOB”.

In second place, was David Oliver with 33 points on countback from Jon Kelly in third.

For the first time in a long while we had everyone in Fritz Follies shirts, all 14 of us.

How exciting that so many are in the running for the trophy this year and Burghley (another of Graeme’s home courses) provides the showdown event. Will Les be prevented from keeping the trophy permanently if he achieves a three on the spin victory?

August 2021 – Thorney Lakes

Finding the course proved a little difficult for the Roving Reporter who relied on the Sat Nav in his car which is nearly as old as the last time our Society played at Thorney Lakes in October 2001.

13 of us assembled at noon to consume an excellent fry up comprising two fried eggs, several rashers of bacon, two sausages, grilled tomato, mushrooms, two hash browns, baked beans, two slices of fried bread, plus two pieces of toast. The total cost of the day was only £23.50 which prompted some speculation as to whether this might be due to the questionable quality of the golf course. In the event, the general view was that the course proved to be enjoyable and Les had again used his negotiating skills to great effect in securing such an excellent “deal”.

The first group of Les, Dave Ballard, Gabe Stokes and John Dexter did not get off to a good start. Both Les and John hit their opening tee shots into trees but were fortunate in that their respective balls rebounded back into play. Perhaps this was a sign of local knowledge on the part of John as he is a member of Thorney Lakes. Dave Ballard not so fortunate as his opening tee shot went into the Lake just to the left of the tee box and then he proceeded to repeat the shot with his second ball.

Gabe and John both excelled in ball hunting. John could not cram any more balls into his trolley holder and his shorts were at risk of falling down due to the additional weight of the balls placed in his pockets.

The following two groups also got off to a bad start. Group 2 of Brian Bates, Steve Preston and David “Biggles” Carter and Group 3 involving David Oliver, Trevor Chapman and the Roving Reporter all managed to put their tee shots on the short Par 3 2nd hole into the small pond fronting the green. Trevor had also mishit his opening tee shot on the 1st just missing a group of players stood nearby close to the 18th green.

Surely the problems encountered by the first 3 groups at the start of their respective rounds can be explained by the time it takes to digest such a hearty meal whereas the final Group of David West, Roy Fletcher and Colin Savage fared better it seems, no doubt because the side effects of the fry up had begun to pass.

Nobody managed to hit the green on the 7th so the nearest the pin prize is carried over to our next outing.

David “Biggles“ Carter (still with the adrenalin flowing through his veins having recently flown in a Spitfire) achieved the best score with 38 points. This has moved David into serious contention for the Trophy by raising his total 3 best scores to 104.

In second place, was John Dexter with 35 points (plus lots of found golf balls).

In third place was Les with 33 points.

Les remains top of the Leaderboard with 107 points followed by Graeme Phipps with 106 points, so there will be an exciting end to our season.

Next outing 24 September at Melton Mowbray.