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Texas Scramble, End of Season Supper and 2017 Champion Golfer!

The Follies end of season day out usually begins with the sizzle of fried bacon in the Stibby Diner on the A1. Sadly, work got in the way this year and the first sizzle I heard was the cables of the electricity pylons straddling the 3rd hole at Elton Furze. That wasn’t the only impact work had on me that day as I had two airshots on tees early on, indeed at the 11th I had yet to have a drive counted. Needing 4 drives from the remaining 8 holes, Geoff Delaney kindly commented that maybe we should have counted one of the airshots!

Bernie made a welcome appearance at the 9th and walked the back nine with the various foursomes. He had a sloe round:

Les, Brian, Geoff D and myself finished 3 over (gross) with 15 pars and 3 bogeys thanks to Les holing from off the green on the 18th. We were well pleased with ourselves and carefully kept our count and contentment concealed in the clubhouse.

Come the evening and the results were announced:
Keal/Oliver/Humphries/Dexter 63.36
Wells/Delany/Bates/Kelly 64.61
Tooke/Carter/Fletcher/Bramwell 68.36
West/Savage/Wakefield/Liscoe 69.37

It seems David Oliver’s scintillating short game couldn’t be bettered and they deservedly won the Annual Supper Texas Scramble. Indeed, looking at the winners roll (under the Past Winners tab), Colin H has won 3 times in the last 4 years so he’s doing something right!

As previously mentioned our Champion Golfer 2017 is Trevor Chapman, a runaway winner with an impressive 113 points. Richly deserved.

Our customary thanks to Les for all his arranging and re-arranging of fixtures, people and times. Thanks also to Brian for making our subs and green fees go a long way.

See you all in 2018.

The October Meet – Rutland County


Weather – strong wind, no change there.

Colin Humphries – Teed up on the 17th Par 3 but was aiming at the 18th – they told him before he hit the ball.

Colin Humphries also lost control of his motorised trolley and it ended up in the bunker πŸ™‚

Geoff Delany apparently had multiple bunker flunker attempts to beat his existing 10, but could only make 5 shots this time.

Excellent day with Bacon rolls and half chicken and chips afterwards, or if you are Colin Keal just the chips!

Winner -John Dexter with 37 points
with Trevor, Les, David C and John W all on 35 points

Champion Golfer & President’s Cup Winners 2017

Champion Golfer 2017 – Trevor Chapman








President’s Cup Winner 2017 – David West