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Texas Scramble and 2019 Winner of the Follies Trophy!

Texas Scramble and 2019 Winner of the Follies Trophy!

Texas Scramble results:

5th Team 79.91 Delany/Preston/Wakefield     







4th Team 75.48 Wells/Kelly/Bates                







Bronze 71.25 Carter/Ballard/Liscoe             







Silver 71.62 Tooke/Humphries/Zebedee







Gold 68.14 West/Savage/Fletcher                 








Nearest the Pin winners – Les Wells, David West and Martin Zebedee with one green untouched!

** 2019 Winner of the Follies Trophy is Andrew Bramwell (113 points)

All Follies give thanks to Graeme Phipps who realised that we were lacking a Masters’ style Green Jacket to pass from last year’s Champion to the new Champion and so produced the Fritz Follies Pants!











** 2019 President’s Cup winner is Dave Ballard (net 66.8 on the day)








** 2019 Rookie of the Year Dave Ballard








** 2019 Shirtie winner is Les Wells for spreading the Follies gospel up the Nile.

The disappearance of one of the pyramids in the second photo did lead Chris Munro to enquire about pyramid selling…
















A good evening was had by all, I think and we now retire to hone our skills over the winter and to be ready for it starting all over again in March 2020.

















See you all then……Happy New Year.

October 2019 – Rutland County – so what did happen?

Nearest the Pin – Richard Cheng

14 members scored 30 or more points but the cream was:

3rd – Colin H 37 points
2nd – Andrew 41 points
1st – Colin Keal 42 points