September – Lakeside Lodge & Two competitions!

13 Follies made the journey to Lakeside Lodge, our first visit for perhaps a decade and enjoyed a bright and calm afternoon.  For late September it wasn’t too cool – a two-layer day.  My highlight of the day was seeing Kevin back with us today for his first full 18 holes.


1st – David West with 38 points

2nd – Geoff Liscoe with 37 points (on countback)

3rd – Les Wells also on 37

Nearest The Pin was Geoff Liscoe

With the season closing soon, today was the penultimate opportunity to make inroads on the Leaderboard front runner Les.  David Carter had been 7 behind at the start of play and managed to improve his lowest score by 5 points. However, Les also had a good day and improved his score by 3 so DC remains second but only by 5 points now. Unfortunately, neither Les nor DC can play the last round so they declare on 112 and 107 respectively. In third place is Andrew, but he’ll need 39 points at Rutland County to overtake Les. The final realistic contender is Graeme Phipps. Although his 6 scores of 30 or higher show considerable consistency it does mean a 44 is needed at Rutland County (a tall order made all the more challenging as it’s Graeme’s wife’s birthday that day and he’s going shopping!).

Whatever happens at Rutland County, you can witness first-hand the presentations and trophy giving at the Annual Supper at the Cuckoo, Alwalton on Friday 2nd November. Supper invites on their way shortly.

Alongside the Follies competition today, we celebrated Colin Keal’s 60th with a team match – best two points score per hole with everyone counting on the par 3s. All credit to the scorers for keeping two competitions going in parallel.  The outcome was:

Winners with 89 points were Brian, David Carter, Graeme Phipps and Colin H.

4 points clear of the others:

Kevin, Les and Jon / Colin K, Geoff D and Geoff L. / David W, John D and Martin.

Colin K kindly supplied bottles of Moët for the winners.

Next event is Rutland County on Friday 12th October.


A Pleasant Day on Rutland Water Golf Course

Sixteen members turned up to what most members think is the most difficult course on the Follies calendar, probably due to the almost impossible to read greens.

The fun started prior to the round commencing with Dave West attempting a world record for the “most cake eaten in five minutes”, I am not sure of the outcome but understand “the Guinness Officials” were mightily impressed.

And so to the main event which was won by  David Carter on a commendable 38 points, my fellow left-hander John Wakefield was second on 37 points and “El Bandito Phipps” third with 34 points, a very well done to all of  them.  David Carter also won Nearest the Pin.

In terms of the leaderboard, whilst there was some movement in the middle, no-one got any closer to the Chairman/Secretary/Fixture Secretary/Handicap Secretary Les !! There needs to be a late dash and a “Colin Humphries type” points haul in order to keep the excitement going up until the final meet.

Out on the course it all seemed to go smoothly with no real dramas amongst any of the groups, during our round Geoff Delaney and I were mightily impressed with both  Colin Humphries’ optimism in expecting to find every ball and his unbelievable eyesight being able to see a ball bounce from 200 yards away and knowing exactly where it was in the mud, ditch or three foot rough!!

Onto the medical report now, almost more content than the golf, which probably reflects our average age. First of all a welcome back to John Dexter following knee surgery, best wishes to Roy on his upcoming hip operation and continuing best wishes to Trevor and Kevin as they continue to recover.

I look forward to seeing you all at the next event which is Lakeside Lodge on Monday 24th September.

Your reports was compiled by Nurse Keal.




Reminder – The Shirtie is still accepting entries..

We’re a bit short on Shirtie contenders this year….

Here’s a moving picture of the Follies warming up….

The Leaderboard and Handicaps have been updated following Rutland Water and this was my route around the course…..   Report to follow.


The July Meet – Tydd St Giles

We arrived after several months of clear blue skies and scorching temperatures to a forecast of thunder, lightning and rain showers. The Golfing Gods once again took pity on us and at least delayed the heavy shower until the last minute as we were completing the last couple of holes. Yes, some were wet but it could have been a lot worse.

Colin Keal could not believe it was 1.5 hr journey from his home to Tydd St Giles, but well done for making the effort as much appreciated by everyone. The next venue at Rutland Water is a home game for you. Mind you most of us that took the Whaplode Drove route hit problems with road closures. However Brian Bates now knows considerably more about operating the Sat Nav, Air con and manoeuvring of his new vehicle, Les did confirm he had passed the driving test on the day.

Tydd Golf Club once again provided us with an excellent “Small Breakfast” and 2 course meal afterwards. Many also took advantage of the £10 a Buggy to offset the high temperature demands of the day. Sensible idea that Brian and Les decided not to do, but we all survived the heat of the day.

Onto the golf. Some sparkling golf was played, with Roy Fletcher heading up the table with a  massive 45 points questioning whether he was actually on holiday last time or perhaps having some coaching. A great round, very consistent scoring throughout  and very well done. Not far behind on again an excellent score was Andrew Bramwell with 42 points although not winning the day had the consolation of the “nearest the pin prize” on the 11th hole. A difficult target on the day and the prize was Port and not Prosecco this time. Third place going to David Carter on 40 points which usually would be enough to win. Handicaps to be adjusted for net scores of 61, 64 and 66 respectively.

Andrew surprisingly took the bottle prize rather than the 2 ball 2nd place prize, so Graham Tooke was the proud 1 ball winner this time around.

Next outing is Rutland Water, Monday 20th August.

The June Meet & President’s Cup – Elton Furze

18 Follies turned up at Elton today to do battle on two fronts – the June Meet and the President’s Cup.  With no rain seen since the last day of May (, we all enjoyed a lot of summer roll though it’s not much help if you’re heading in the wrong direction!

It was good to see Chris Munro at the start resplendent in his “Woodland’s Official” hat. That takes a few of us back 😊.  Where was his Follies shirt though?

Several Follies had bunker trouble today. Firstly Colin Savage had 4 attempts in the 11th  hole bunker, before trying to chuck the ball out by hand but still remained in the bunker. So it was 4 shots and 2 chucks.  Not sure how that shows on a scorecard.  Jon Kelly fared better in the 6th hole bunker getting out in 2 but found sand in every pocket, both socks and ears and everywhere else for the rest of the day. Colin H came to grief on the 17th hole bunker with a grand total of 5 attempts before escaping – Bunker Flunker leader as I write.

It was also nice to see David West at the 9th as we went round. It would have been even nicer to see him with the President’s Trophy that he won last year but that was safely back at home.

Follies looking for the President’s Cup? (photo by Gabe)








President’s Cup winner 2018 – David Oliver (net 64.8), followed by Les Wells (net 66.6). As the Trophy was absent, an empty Guinness glass was presented in its place.

Only 5 of the 18 players failed to record a medal score. Geoff Liscoe being the first to pickup and not record a score and that was on the 1st hole.

Nearest the Pin – Les Wells (12 feet but missed the putt for birdie). He had been second nearest the pin on the last 3 outings all within 15 feet and not won so probably about time.

Stableford Points:

David Oliver 41

Les Wells 39

However following the only one prize rule:

Today’s Winner is Jon Kelly 35 on countback from Terry Moon with Graeme Phipps 33.

Our best wishes to Trevor for his operation next month. Hopefully see him back before the end of the season.

I hear John Dexter’s knee op went well and he’s up and about – hope to see him soon.

Next up – Friday 27th July – Tydd St Giles – Breakfast/2 Courses meal after the round – £29.

The May Meet – Sleaford

Many thanks to Martin for writing the report this month.

On arriving we had bacon rolls and coffee which was very nice. We then congregated at the first tee to be shocked to see a bright red Honda drive across the 18th Fairway.

A couple of Follies had eventful days:

Colin Keal – He turned up wearing a bright white shirt as he claims to have lost his Follies shirt. He then managed to get a birdie on the 7th for 4 points, to add to the 1 point he got on the previous 3 holes. He then had to leave after the 15th as had “French Lessons”

Geoff Liscoe – He had a variation on the bunker flunker by getting out of 4 bunkers in a row first shot. He won nearest the pin with a magnificent 4 wood over the trees on the 12th to within 6ft of the hole. On the 18th he parked his trolley on the path at the back of the green to go and putt out, but his trolley had other ideas and headed off to the car park nearly running over a couple of people. He then got very confused when Les was giving out the prizes as to who was third and second and the points they had got.

Graeme Phipps – He was moaning that his handicap should have been 21 but Les pointed out that as he won last time his handicap was cut by 1 shot. I have checked the rules Graeme and this is correct, and I look forward to seeing this enforced by Les by the next outing, See results!

The results:
1st Les Wells 36 pts
2nd Richard Cheng 35 pts
3rd Graeme Phipps 33 pts

Nearest the pin Geoff Liscoe.

Next Outing 29th June. This will be the normal stableford and Presidents Cup. Can Dave West retain his trophy? (Les would like to remind you all / had a moan, that to win you need to complete each of the 18 holes. No pick ups) (If he complains that this was said in private then he should know better)

and here’s a version especially for Colin K:

En arrivant nous avions des rouleaux de bacon et du café, ce qui était très bien. Nous nous sommes ensuite rassemblés au premier tee pour être choqués de voir une Honda rouge vif traverser le 18ème fairway.

Un couple de Follies a eu des jours mouvementés:

Colin Keal – Il s’est retrouvé vêtu d’une chemise blanche brillante alors qu’il prétend avoir perdu sa chemise Follies. Il a ensuite réussi à obtenir un birdie le 7 pour 4 points, à ajouter au point qu’il a obtenu sur les 3 trous précédents. Il a ensuite dû partir après le 15 comme l’avait “Leçons de français”

Geoff Liscoe – Il avait une variation sur le flunker de bunker en sortant de 4 bunkers dans un premier coup de rang. Il a gagné le plus près de l’épingle avec un magnifique 4 bois au-dessus des arbres le 12 à 6 pieds du trou. Le 18, il gara son chariot sur le chemin à l’arrière du green pour aller le sortir, mais son chariot avait d’autres idées et se dirigea vers le parking en courant sur quelques personnes. Il est devenu très confus lorsque Les distribuait les prix pour savoir qui était troisième et deuxième et les points qu’ils avaient obtenus.

Graeme Phipps – Il se plaignait que son handicap aurait dû être de 21, mais Les a fait remarquer que comme il a gagné la dernière fois, son handicap a été réduit d’un coup. J’ai vérifié les règles de Graeme et c’est correct, et j’ai hâte de voir cela imposé par Les par la prochaine sortie, voir les résultats!

Les resultats
1er Les Wells 36 pts
2e Richard Cheng 35 pts
3e Graeme Phipps 33 pts

Plus près de l’épingle Geoff Liscoe.

Prochaine sortie le 29 juin. Ce sera le stableford normal et la Coupe du Président. Dave West peut-il conserver son trophée? (Les tiens voudraient vous rappeler à tous / avait un gémissement, que pour gagner vous devez compléter chacun des 18 trous.) (S’il se plaint que cela a été dit en privé alors il devrait savoir mieux)

Greetham Valley and Ramsey notes

Greetham Valley

On the 17th hole, Trevor’s tee shot flew off at an angle to hit a tree and came to rest in the middle of the fairway. Some people have all the lu….

On the 18th hole John Wakefield was assisted by ‘Wateraid’. His tee shot caught in the tree to the left of the green and dropped into the stream below. On searching for his ball we found it had been carried by the current 40yds down stream. After retrieving the ball and taking a drop he was in a far better position than under the tree where it had fallen.

Big Follies welcome to Stuart Frith

3 – Geoff D – 31pts
2- Jon Kelly – 33 pts
Winner – Colin Humphries – 34pts


Welcome to Ramsey sub acqa club! Fair play to the club for having a course that was playable at all. They had been unable to get a machine on the course until a couple of days before and it was the first time we had been penalised for playing on the fairway with long and cut grass lying everywhere.

John Dexter terrorised the neighbours on the 1st with visits into their back gardens.

The rough was, well, rough. Extremely punishing. Once you were in, you stayed in – or at least I did.

Welcome return of the Peter Harris

Nearest the Pin: Andrew (6 ft from pin) retains it from last year.

3 – Trevor – 29pts
2 – Peter Harris – 29pts
Winner – Graeme Phipps – 30pts

Best wishes to John Dexter for his forthcoming knee op. NB to the Doc, it’s the right knee!

Happy New Year!

2018 is shaping up to be the best Fritz Follies year yet!  Les has compiled a mouth-watering itinerary of old and new courses – see 2018 Schedule tab. Plus we have a dedicated Shirtie tab to host all your entries – see The Shirtie tab.  Can Trevor retain the Follies Trophy? It’s been done before but very rarely – see Past Winners tab for the history.  Can David West keep hold of the President’s Cup?  Again, it’s been done but rare – see Past Winners tab.

It’s good to get a report on the site from each outing and it’s even better to vary the author – if you fancy volunteering for a particular outing, please do let me know and I’ll not bother anyone else that month 😉

Les will be in touch with details about the first outing at the end of March – hopefully see many of you there!



Texas Scramble, End of Season Supper and 2017 Champion Golfer!

The Follies end of season day out usually begins with the sizzle of fried bacon in the Stibby Diner on the A1. Sadly, work got in the way this year and the first sizzle I heard was the cables of the electricity pylons straddling the 3rd hole at Elton Furze. That wasn’t the only impact work had on me that day as I had two airshots on tees early on, indeed at the 11th I had yet to have a drive counted. Needing 4 drives from the remaining 8 holes, Geoff Delaney kindly commented that maybe we should have counted one of the airshots!

Bernie made a welcome appearance at the 9th and walked the back nine with the various foursomes. He had a sloe round:

Les, Brian, Geoff D and myself finished 3 over (gross) with 15 pars and 3 bogeys thanks to Les holing from off the green on the 18th. We were well pleased with ourselves and carefully kept our count and contentment concealed in the clubhouse.

Come the evening and the results were announced:
Keal/Oliver/Humphries/Dexter 63.36
Wells/Delany/Bates/Kelly 64.61
Tooke/Carter/Fletcher/Bramwell 68.36
West/Savage/Wakefield/Liscoe 69.37

It seems David Oliver’s scintillating short game couldn’t be bettered and they deservedly won the Annual Supper Texas Scramble. Indeed, looking at the winners roll (under the Past Winners tab), Colin H has won 3 times in the last 4 years so he’s doing something right!

As previously mentioned our Champion Golfer 2017 is Trevor Chapman, a runaway winner with an impressive 113 points. Richly deserved.

Our customary thanks to Les for all his arranging and re-arranging of fixtures, people and times. Thanks also to Brian for making our subs and green fees go a long way.

See you all in 2018.

The October Meet – Rutland County


Weather – strong wind, no change there.

Colin Humphries – Teed up on the 17th Par 3 but was aiming at the 18th – they told him before he hit the ball.

Colin Humphries also lost control of his motorised trolley and it ended up in the bunker 🙂

Geoff Delany apparently had multiple bunker flunker attempts to beat his existing 10, but could only make 5 shots this time.

Excellent day with Bacon rolls and half chicken and chips afterwards, or if you are Colin Keal just the chips!

Winner -John Dexter with 37 points
with Trevor, Les, David C and John W all on 35 points