The May Meet – Ramsay

“Ramsey Golf Club provided the third venue of the 2013 season and, despite  a grey and overcast sky, nine Follies warriors turned up to do battle on a course which, over the winter, had seen several holes under water.

Your Correspondent was very pleased to return to the scene of perhaps his greatest triumph where he was able to capture the “Bloomer of the Year 2012” trophy – what memories!!

The day didn’t start well for Geoff Delaney who, upon arrival, advised that, despite having a magnificent memory, he had left his driver at home. This didn’t mean a lot to most of us who thought he meant the chap in the funny hat who sits at the front of Geoff’s car but, evidently, Geoff was talking about an intrinsic component of his golfing armoury. This did earn Geoff some kudos, however, in that he is now the first nominee for the Wally of the Year 2013.

Some respectable golf was seen during the afternoon and, fresh from his successful first outing at Belton Park, Trevor Chapman was again in sparkling form. His tee shot on the 2nd hole earned him the Nearest The Pin prize besting David Carter by some two feet.

Trevor’s playing partners for the day found it necessary to bring to the attention of the Follies Behavioural Committee, several “John McEnroe” type incidents during the round, when whirling clubs and bad language provided additional hazards as the occasional Trevor tee shot went slightly offline.

Kevin Hingle also made good use of his “Tree” wood on the notorious Par 5  dog leg 14th hole where, despite hitting his ball into the hedge on two separate occasions, benefitted from kindly rebounds to finish the hole with a respectable 6.

A serious case of club sharing came to light in the Clubhouse after the round but it is pleasing to note that, despite the hard sell of “Del Boy” Wells and an 18th hole test drive, Geoff Liscoe resisted the “attractive” offer to purchase Les’s driver for the snip of £200.

After round discussion also centred on the fact that, this season, Follies rounds now appear to be taking less than 4 hours whereas, in previous seasons, rounds had been timed in excess of 4 hours. Congratulations to all and keep taking the tablets.

Results of the day: Kevin Hingle came third with 29 points, Les Wells made second with 30 points and, in an act of pure revenge (and Trevor Chapman having already taken Nearest The Pin) David Carter was awarded victory with 34 points.

David advises that this was the first occasion that he had achieved in excess of 30 points, since November 2011 – not that he was keeping note! How sad!!

Next stop – Presidents Cup at Elton Furze on the 28th June……full directions are on the right…

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