The June Meet – Elton Furze

14 Follies were hoping the dark sky would not bring rain and all prayers were answered as the competitors for the all-important 2014 President’s Cup gathered together at Elton Furze Golf Club on Monday 16 June. The scene was set for the day’s competition.

A couple of blasts from the past turned out, Martin Zebedee and Brian Cresswell, it was nice to see them after such a long time. Martin made his intensions clear when on the first his ball took a sharp left turn and settled safely on the gravel path 6 metres behind him.

Hole 5 was chosen for the ‘nearest the pin’ competition. Geoff Delany, who was in the first group, hit a magnificent golf shot, avoiding the trees and all the other hazards on this difficult par3 and landed on the green. Geoff must have been understandably quietly confident nobody would beat his magnificent shot as he marked his ball position using a piece of card about the size of a green shield stamp (remember those?) that no one could see until they were just a few feet away. So small was this piece of card that nobody else would have been able to write their name on the card had they landed inside his position. So nobody bothered!! He was thus declared the winner of the prize for nearest the pin. Well done Geoff.

John Wakefield had a wonderful round – with his driver! No one knows what happened to the rest of his game – it deserted him for the day.

Getting ready to take his drive on the 14th, Roy Fletcher turned to Omar and said, “Is that your trolley going on walkabout?” It wasn’t. Realising it was his own trolley; he gave chase and eventually brought it under control.

The first group, led by ‘Speedy’ Colin S raced around the course and finished their round in just over three hours – a full hour before the second group came wearily home. Geoff, quick to see an opportunity, managed to wangle a free lesson on chipping from the ‘master chipper’ himself Colin Savage.

Finally, the results of the day. There were two excellent rounds of golf played by the Colins – one by Colin Savage and the other by Colin Keal. Colin S is the winner of the President’s Cup with a net score of 66, followed closely by Colin K with a net score of 67. Well done to both of you. They also came first and second in the day’s competition with 40 and 39 points respectively. Brian Bates was third with 36 points

Jointly authored by Omar and Colin S.

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