The August Meet – Old Nene

The Fritz Follies eleven turned up at Old Nene to enjoy a tasty bacon sandwich that set them up for the coming hours.

However the reports back after the completion of 18 holes in pleasant if a little windy weather would make watching paint dry a suitable future pastime with each group saying there was little of note in any group. Despite this we managed to squeeze these snippets from each round.

The highlight of the first group was a near hole in one by Geoff Delany but not on the nearest the hole option and Dave West said the whole round was uninspiring but then he was playing with Delany and Delany Solicitors and Accountants Ltd.

The second group got off to a flying start with a superb par by Brian Bates but his bravado waned by the fourth hole when he took four to get off the tee area. However all was not lost and he recovered to score respectably despite having the same problem on the 13th which those who know the course is the same hole on the back nine. An early tactic of this group was to take the arboreal route particularly Martin Zebedee but others were also to follow suit.

The last group probably had the more entertaining action. Colin Humphries followed Martin through the tree route and Les managed to go into the reeds on hole 1 and hole 10 which again you will now realise is the same green front and back nine.

Pride of place this trip goes to Trevor Chapman again who enjoyed a record series of bunkers (7 reported) plus using his iron to alarming effect on hole 4/13. When we say iron we are not talking about his clubs but rattling the iron bridge with his tee shot. To finish off he took an interesting tactic to disrupt his opponents by trying to behead Colin Humphries. Trevor is planning his course of action for his next round to get a hat-trick of Follies course leading features.

Final result was Les in third with 38, Geoff Delaney second with 39. The winner taking full advantage of his Bermudian practice session was Geoff Liscoe with 43 but as with the triangle it will probably never be seen again.

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