The July Meet – Tydd St Giles

Well today we played at Tydd St. Giles, unlike last year there were no late arrivals – well done Trevor for going to the correct course. A good turnout of 15 players, duly arrived for a “light” breakfast of bacon, egg, hash potatoes, sausage and beans. Although the weather was windy, the forecast of sunshine brought out numerous members wearing shorts, albeit no salmon coloured ones were seen today.

The most interesting warm up prize goes to Geoff Delany and his left leg swivel exercise on the first tee. Speaking of the first tee Brian was seen to put his ball out of bounds on the right, in a similar place to where he hit his first tee shot last year. They do say consistency counts!

Geoff Liscoe was the highest scorer on the first hole with a par and 4 points – well done Geoff. He was also seen putting in from 40ft plus on the 10th green.
Similarly, the rule about drivers being careful of following other cars in the fog, should have applied to Jon, Roy & Gabe, who managed to follow in the footsteps of Brian, Colin & Martin into the dyke on the 7th – mind you Martin enjoyed it so much he made three trips.
In another vein of consistency, Trevor pushed his tee shot left on the 5th hole, so much so that he thought he was in the water, so took a provisional – only to find both balls within 3 foot of each other in a safe place. So he promptly celebrated by placing the next shot over the water and onto the green and getting a par.

I’m not sure whether Gabe’s holiday home in Greece is on the coast or up in the hills but I think it must be the latter as he never missed an opportunity to get into a bunker and spend some time in the sand. That said, he got out with consummate ease each time. Unlike Jon, who made a magnificent 200 yard drive which unfortunately went into a bunker, followed by 5 shots to get out of the bunker.

No real disasters occurred, apart from Colin who set his trolley for a 10 yard dash – which it obeyed – just a shame about the last couple of yards being downhill so it ran into a tree.
Les admitted that his group were boring, with nothing of reportable value. Geoff Delany again got nearest the pin on the 16th, he was so embarrassed that he had to leave early – allegedly to go to the train station!!
Despite not scoring and losing two balls on the first two holes, Trevor came home with 38 points to win. Next meeting on Friday 18th August at Rutland Water.

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