Greetham Valley and Ramsey notes

Greetham Valley

On the 17th hole, Trevor’s tee shot flew off at an angle to hit a tree and came to rest in the middle of the fairway. Some people have all the lu….

On the 18th hole John Wakefield was assisted by ‘Wateraid’. His tee shot caught in the tree to the left of the green and dropped into the stream below. On searching for his ball we found it had been carried by the current 40yds down stream. After retrieving the ball and taking a drop he was in a far better position than under the tree where it had fallen.

Big Follies welcome to Stuart Frith

3 – Geoff D – 31pts
2- Jon Kelly – 33 pts
Winner – Colin Humphries – 34pts


Welcome to Ramsey sub acqa club! Fair play to the club for having a course that was playable at all. They had been unable to get a machine on the course until a couple of days before and it was the first time we had been penalised for playing on the fairway with long and cut grass lying everywhere.

John Dexter terrorised the neighbours on the 1st with visits into their back gardens.

The rough was, well, rough. Extremely punishing. Once you were in, you stayed in – or at least I did.

Welcome return of the Peter Harris

Nearest the Pin: Andrew (6 ft from pin) retains it from last year.

3 – Trevor – 29pts
2 – Peter Harris – 29pts
Winner – Graeme Phipps – 30pts

Best wishes to John Dexter for his forthcoming knee op. NB to the Doc, it’s the right knee!

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