The June Meet & President’s Cup – Elton Furze

18 Follies turned up at Elton today to do battle on two fronts – the June Meet and the President’s Cup.  With no rain seen since the last day of May (, we all enjoyed a lot of summer roll though it’s not much help if you’re heading in the wrong direction!

It was good to see Chris Munro at the start resplendent in his “Woodland’s Official” hat. That takes a few of us back 😊.  Where was his Follies shirt though?

Several Follies had bunker trouble today. Firstly Colin Savage had 4 attempts in the 11th  hole bunker, before trying to chuck the ball out by hand but still remained in the bunker. So it was 4 shots and 2 chucks.  Not sure how that shows on a scorecard.  Jon Kelly fared better in the 6th hole bunker getting out in 2 but found sand in every pocket, both socks and ears and everywhere else for the rest of the day. Colin H came to grief on the 17th hole bunker with a grand total of 5 attempts before escaping – Bunker Flunker leader as I write.

It was also nice to see David West at the 9th as we went round. It would have been even nicer to see him with the President’s Trophy that he won last year but that was safely back at home.

Follies looking for the President’s Cup? (photo by Gabe)








President’s Cup winner 2018 – David Oliver (net 64.8), followed by Les Wells (net 66.6). As the Trophy was absent, an empty Guinness glass was presented in its place.

Only 5 of the 18 players failed to record a medal score. Geoff Liscoe being the first to pickup and not record a score and that was on the 1st hole.

Nearest the Pin – Les Wells (12 feet but missed the putt for birdie). He had been second nearest the pin on the last 3 outings all within 15 feet and not won so probably about time.

Stableford Points:

David Oliver 41

Les Wells 39

However following the only one prize rule:

Today’s Winner is Jon Kelly 35 on countback from Terry Moon with Graeme Phipps 33.

Our best wishes to Trevor for his operation next month. Hopefully see him back before the end of the season.

I hear John Dexter’s knee op went well and he’s up and about – hope to see him soon.

Next up – Friday 27th July – Tydd St Giles – Breakfast/2 Courses meal after the round – £29.

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