August 2012 Outing Review

A select group of 6 took part in the match at Rutland County.  It was not evident to the gallery that we were members of the Fritz Follies Society as only 3 were wearing the latest version of our polo shirt!

The match started in glorious sunshine with a stiff breeze but which several considered to be a strong wind.  The first group included our highly respected Secretary.   Les can be correctly described as being eagle-eyed, but on this occasion he could be more accurately described as being one-eyed due to an eye infection.  Inevitably, this meant that his game was not up to its usual high standard, but all credit to Les for not complaining about having such a handicap.

The course was in excellent condition.  However, like most golf courses this year, the rough was very penal.  Both groups spent much time searching for balls which were never to be found!

The 15th hole had been selected by Les for the nearest the pin prize.  It is 171 yards in length with deep bunkers at the front of the green.  The pin was located immediately behind the bunkers.  When the first group arrived at the tee, the sky had turned black and as Robin Watts addressed his ball the heavens opened.  Despite this, Robin shaped his tee shot perfectly resulting in a 90 degree turn to the left as it pitched to the side of the bunker.  The ball came to rest within 8 feet of the flag.  Robin was left to celebrate his birdie on his own, as both his playing partners sought refuge in a nearby shelter followed by admiring the double rainbow rather than his prowess on the 15th.

The following group did not threaten the green.  Indeed, Jon Kelly chose not to play the hole on the basis that he had not hit one straight tee shot on the earlier holes.

Scoring on the day was not exceptional, although modesty prevents your reporter from describing his outstanding display of accurate and lengthy driving, resulting in a winning score of 33 points.  David Carter secured second prize, notwithstanding his mind was turning towards resuming his cruising activities later in the week. Les was awarded the third prize.  Incidentally, Les is one of those rare people who have more letters after his name than actually are in it.

Next venue is The Bedfordshire on Friday 21st September.
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