July 2012 Outing Review

The first tee started with a bit of a golfing exhibition. Allowing a 2 ball to go first, we were delayed by this guy apologising as he “did not realise our tee time was so imminent”.  There then followed a tee shot that saw the head fly off his club, to be followed by 2 air shots and the third just about progressing beyond the ladies tee. Mistake by Les to allow them to go or what? Perhaps it was a cunning plan as Blackadder used to say.

Anyway 10 Follies were in action today and some notable attendees. Martin Zebedee, someone who has been deleted from the handicap records so must be 10-15 years, welcome back and please come again. Mick Lawson on his annual summer vacation away from the sun in Turkey, when most of us are trying to see the sun for the first time this summer. Good to see you both back on the Follies.

Nearest the pin was to be the 12th hole ha ha.

Robin Watts was plonker of the day in the driving rain leaving his driver on the 5th Tee and having to walk all the way back from the 6th to collect. Well you can’t trust the Rutland Water mob to hand it in at the pro shop? Anyway all is well, driver recovered.

Unfortunately the heavens have opened. Torrential rain descends. Greens fill up. 6 holes completed by Geoff Delany who was determined to get some points on the card, a captain’s spirit I must say. Also the tournament leader with 12 points. 

Rain stops play, off to the bar where Geoff is celebrating as he tells me he is reaching retirement age. Many congrats from the Follies.

We gain a credit from the course for this to be replayed another day. Perhaps the cunning plan on the first tee allowed us to get a full credit.

Next venue is Rutland County Wednesday 22nd August 2012.
Full directions on the right…

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