The May Meet – Burghley Park

Our visit to Burghley Park was, thanks to the careful planning of Les, a day for slapping on the sun screen. Well done Les.

A very formal beginning to proceedings, a starter! We were each presented with a little bag of goodies and given a pep talk about the rules of the course, some of which we had forgotten, before reaching the first green. The course was in very good condition with most of the greens being quite soft. There were many a chip and run that failed to run. One other noticeable feature that was missing was the long rough to the right of the 7th tee. Many an hour was spent in there during previous visits, vainly searching for lost balls.

There is a new candidate to win the Bunker Flunker trophy. Do you actually “win”, Bunker Flunker or are you awarded a trophy you don’t really want. Anyway, Colin Savage can now breathe a sigh of relief, John Wakefield became front runner for the trophy taking a magnificent 7 shots to get out.


Following his first place at Sleaford, Roy Fletcher was again in the prizes winning nearest the pin. He said he was only 18 inches away. Just imagine Roy if it had been 18 inches closer, you wouldn’t have had much of the whisky left to take home.

As for the main competition – it was very close at the top, only two points separating the top four scores, so there had to be an unlucky golfer. Without Les, Colin S did the necessary on the cards and Robin did a sterling job on the presentation

Imagine getting 18 points on the front 9 and losing out to Jon Kelly who got 18 points on the back and picked up third place with 33 points.

Colin Humphries was only 1 point ahead on 34 points in second place.

It was Richard Cheng on 35 points who came out on top. Well done Richard.

Reporter’s tip – before you hit that little white thing at your feet, make sure it’s your little white thing – sorry Colin.

Next Outing – June 26th at Elton Furze.

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