The June – Elton Furze

President's Cup Winner 2016

Whilst the results of the EU referendum was a major talking point for the Follies (particularly the remainees!), the Elton double header was to provide some drama of its own when the club house result had to be changed following a recount!

However Geoff Delaney’s impressive double victory was indeed confirmed meaning that the President’s Cup was not to be snatched away from the home mantlepiece by Robin Watts!  Indeed, it was overheard on the way to the car park that Mr Delaney was particularly excited to be taking home some silverware to his wife who apparently had recently been raising Geoff’s general lack of success on the golfing front. As an aside, I think Mrs Delaney could have an unknown skill in providing motivational speeches to unsuccessful golfers…business opportunity perhaps?

With current Follies champion Robin Watts making an impressive first showing of the season, the recount meant both Les and Colin ‘playing with his new clubs’ Keal had to give back golf balls (although Colin was none the wiser having left early to catch a flight!). Results were as follows:

1st Geoff Delaney (33 points)

2nd Robin Watts (32 points)

3rd Colin Keal (30 points)

Note: No-one made the green to win “nearest the pin” but the committee has agreed to a roll over; what this actually means is presently unknown but it sounds impressive!

The prowling guest journalist unearthed a few gems to share with one of the best being Geoff Liscoe’s casual admission that he picked up his ball on the first (a Follies record perhaps?) and Graeme Phipps playing two (and sometimes three) balls off the tee for 4 holes in succession (another Follies record perhaps?).  The latter performance actually resulted in Geoff and Les offering golfing tips on how to find the driver’s erogenous zone; something to do with raising an important tool of the trade!!!!!

The last grouping may also have made a Follies record in that they all admitted that they may have fallen an hour behind the group ahead!  This apparently arising due to a number of factors namely David West losing three balls on the 14th, David losing his club and the group then having to let through the Elton seniors captain!  David left early!

Finally with the EU referendum in mind, the society members are requested to cast their vote on whether some new attire should become part of the official range of Follies clothing.  The members were impressed with the pink salmon shorts worn by Brian Bates and a suitable pair has been tracked down from a reputable designer outlet.  As with EU rules a simple majority will win the day and to ensure that there is no manoeuvering behind the scenes to change the outcome from the “I would never be seen dead in a pair of those” minority, the committee will ensure they are proudly worn with immediate effect.

Remember bulk buying results in good discounts; so NIMBY’s there is always an upside!

June 2016    The Shorts

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