The October Meet – Rutland County (sans results)

With Rutland County being the last round of the year and wanting to maintain the suspense for the Supper, results are not published at this time but David Carter and Colin Humphries were good enough to provide a flavour of last Friday’s proceedings:

Picture two old codgers and a younger one bestriding the uplands of Rutland, playing golf (roughly speaking).  Earlier conversations had been about growing old, particularly sight deterioration, and GD’s liking for the 17th hole at Rutland County.

We ascended to the heights of the 17th tee and GD rushed to take his drive, Roy and I just looked on (nothing else to do).  GD set himself, swung his club and sent the ball zooming off in the direction of Boston (Lincs not MAS) don’t be silly.  It eventually made its way back, bounced on the edge of the green and rolled up to within about a foot of the pin (don’t forget the eyesight problems). Roy and I didn’t know what to do “don’t look at him”; I said “you may be blinded”.  However curiosity got the better of us and we turned – “it was as though the sun had come from behind the clouds” – a beaming face shining out in the dim light that said “beat that”.

Well done GD, nearest the pin again.

Roy and I were so uplifted by the experience we both mishit our drives.


We had a few amusing incidents with Trevor last Friday, he definitely earned the bunker flunker title. He made visits to a lot of bunkers, 4 attempts to play out of one before he picked up his ball and threw it and his club away in frustration. On the 7th green he played out of one bunker into the bunker on the opposite side, he then played out of that bunker and the ball was only saved from returning to the first bunker when it hit the fabric of the flag.


Any last minute Shirtie entries?

See you on the 4th.

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