March 2019 – Spalding Golf Club

Well Spring has sprung and so another year with the Follies begins starting this year with a very good deal at the previously ‘unFollied’ course of Spalding, which is set in mature parkland alongside the river Glen.The weather wasn’t bad for the end of March and the course looked in fine condition, with firm undulatingfairways and fast greens.
A good turnout of 17 members including the debut of Dave Ballard, he finally succumbed to John Dexter’s nagging to come and join us, hope he wasn’t put off and returns for more soon.

Notable mentions go to:-
Les – who it seems was in ‘battery saving mode’, having left his safely at home in the garage, so had to hire a trolley.
Colin Keal – also hired a trolley but it seems he was sold a ‘lemon’ as his left wheel insisted on making a bid for freedom every 100 yards, problem resolved by use of a good right foot!! I don’t know if it was down to all that kicking but on the 4th tee Colin decided to cool down by standing in the sprinkler hole and fill his shoe with water. Thankfully the trolley was replaced after the 9th  .… at least the wheels didn’t come off his round!!
Geoff Liscoe – decided to practise his ‘hedge pitching’ while waiting to start on the 1st, good shot!!
Dave Ballard – whose first shot with the Follies gets the award for the highest and shortest drive of the day.
Richard Cheng – Safety conscious he didn’t want to lose his range finder so left it locked in his car.
John Dexter – Going, twice, for a ‘birdie’ from the 2nd tee, shame it was the ducks in the river that were in danger. You could also hear the occasional sound of ‘ball on willow’… shame as it spoiled what could have been a good hole.

From the 2nd tee Dave West split the group in front, followed by Les and Colin Keal doing something similar on subsequent holes, fortunately all were left standing. Can it be put down to early season wayward shots or was it the lure of the steak and kidney pudding that prompted the last group of 4 to nudge those in front?

Roy Fletcher has done remarkably well after his hip replacement last November, but maybe should have had points deducted for playing the course the previous week … Practice!! but with this mentality he may be going for the big prize this year!

The results:-
1st   Roy Fletcher  39pts
2nd Colin Savage  35pts
3rd  John Dexter    34pts on countback, 14pts to 11pts on last six holes as front/back nine level with Colin Keal
Nearest pin won by Graeme Phipps approx.12 feet, closely followed by Les and Colin Savage who were within a foot of Graeme’s ball.

A good venue, friendly staff and good food, thanks Les.

Hopefully see you all on Wed 24th April at Sleaford.

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