Texas Scramble and 2018 Winner of the Follies Trophy!

Texas Scamble results:

4th Team 73.61 Wilson/Liscoe/Humphries

Bronze 68.32 West/Zebedee/Carter

Silver 67.12 Wells/Bates/Wakefield/Tooke

Gold 62.54 Phipps/Dexter/Bramwell (twice in a row for JD)

** 2018 Winner of the Follies Trophy is Les Wells. His first win this century and this completes his hat-trick (alongside 1993 and 1998).

** 2018 President’s Cup winner is David Oliver (net 64.8 on the day)

** 2018 Shirtie winners are Colin Keal and Jon Kelly for spreading the Follies gospel at the Ryder Cup.








See you all in March……Happy New Year.

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