March 2022 – Spalding Golf Club

A beautiful and cloudless spring afternoon at Spalding Golf Club greeted 16 Follies for the first event of the 2022 season. We welcomed 5 new players – Jim Daley, Philip Parker, Darren Pears, Keith Lambert and Paul Bellinger. Due to Covid we had some notable absentees, and we wish them all a speedy recovery. Geoff Delaney and David West were entrusted with running the day. They promptly promoted themselves from the last group to going out first! Who was it that said, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”?

Anyway, on to the golf. David West set the tone with a lovely drive straight down the first. His new driving swing worked well, and during his round he frequently showed his playing partners how to find the middle of the fairway. David scored 34 points which secured him 3rd place. Philip Parker also scored 34 and came 2nd on countback but the winner of the day was Colin Humphries with a magnificent 38 points. Nearest the pin was won by Richard Parker who took home the bottle of gin. Geoff Delaney was actually closer but was unfortunately 2 inches off the green! Richard didn’t show much sympathy pointing out he had hit a sand wedge whereas Geoff had used a 6 iron!

A special 4th place prize was given to Dave Ballard. The prize was the return of one of his head covers which he apparently tried several times to lose during his round. Nobody submitted an early entry to the annual Bunker Flunker competition but with the rest of the season ahead of us there is plenty of time yet.

After the golf we all had a hearty meal. Excellent value at £27 all in. Thanks to the Les for negotiating the deal and laying on the sunshine.

On to Thorney Lakes for the next outing on Thursday 21st April.

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